Sunday, March 6, 2011

Victorian Glass Egg Wine Decanter

This Victorian cobalt blue glass wine decanter with six glasses was a gift from my mother when I began collecting antiques after the death of my grandmother. The decanter had been a gift to her when she student-taught in Lincoln, Illinois, during the late 1930s and lived with two elderly sisters.

I've always thought the decanter should hold elderberry wine a la Arsenic & Old Lace. In fact I've used it for at least one production I directed of the play.

In my antique searches, I've never found one exactly like this with the glass bead ornaments and the clear colbat blue. The closest I've found is a clear one which someone had painted the inside with an opaque paint. ...and only two of the small glasses remained.

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  1. I found a cobalt blue glass decanter somewhat similar to this today (but not egg shaped). It had all of the glasses!