Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nell Corkin

Christmas in the 1920s

When I ran a business selling miniatures [The Butterfly Cat Studio] in the 1980s-1990s, I used to consider the money I made as my play money. Often I would buy miniatures by the artists I admired most. One of the artists I happily bought from was Nell Corkin, whose blog shows her current work.

Nell Corkin's dollhouse in progress.

The vignette at the top shows Nell's three-story 1:144 scale dollhouse, complete with mouse inhabitant on the second floor. The dollhouse is actually wired to light, although I have never done so. The dolls were dressed by my ex-wife, Ferbie, who made them for a Christmas present. She also sculpted and dressed the miniature Santa Claus. I sculpted and painted the two cats. The tree was one I decorated for a miniature room. The girl holds a dressed cat doll in her arms.

At right is a dollhouse in progress made by Nell Corkin. The landscaping and the exterior is done, but the unfinished interior waits for furniture. Below the table are paint, spray cans and Dremel tools. The figure was sculpted by Cecil Boyd and painted by me.

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